Are you ready for the Moodies ?

Pictures by Jeuxbleux, Neffy, Life and Zaphod

Saturday, 26 April 2008


Here we are...BRANDNEW!

NEFFY: blonde, drummer, she makes you dream with her beats and takes your breath away...with her rythm!!! Fasten your seatbelts or you will be swept away!!!

LIFE: mutitasking-Moodie, our sexy bass player, always ready to rock, she makes you vibe with her bass...she's also our official photographer...when she does not cruise on the stage! cho choooooooo!!!

YEUXBLEUX: sparkling-Moodie, synth and dance, she's the queen of the lights and you'd better watch out or you will be dazzled by her energy! She's our jolly and she uses every means to spread her power!
"So live, love, life give love
Live, love, life, give love
Live, love, life, give love
It's who are we anyway"