Are you ready for the Moodies ?

Pictures by Jeuxbleux, Neffy, Life and Zaphod

Sunday, 18 May 2008

SwinaAllen&TheMoodie@La Scala!!!05/16!!!

Swina Allen and The Moodie at the wonderful Venue LA SCALA!!!
Wow!!!!We all swept away with his incredible rocking and bluesing verve and his wonderful guitar and voice!!!!
...we had some problems with laaaaag...we couldn't rezz anything!!!
but you know...we always ...... fight the LAG!!!with ROOOOOCK!!!

Even if only one Moodie.....don't worry Neffy,Yb!!I tried to do my best...with lights(YB I missed you),controlling my clothes/shoes (Neffy I missed you)shining,dancing and playing !!!hoooooooooooo!!!

thank you very much to our DreamDancers!!!!Thank you Ginevra!!

Seeya at the next gig!!!!!